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2017 Energy Navigator Training Begins in March

The second round of Energy Navigator training begins in March 2017. Volunteer Energy Navigators learn to reduce their own energy use and save money, and help other community members do the same. 

Volunteers complete ten hands-on classes that cover a range of topics in energy efficiency, renewable energy and heating options, and learn about relevant incentives and financing. Transportation, local food, and waste reduction are also covered.

Following the training, volunteers commit to helping at least two other community members reduce their energy use by taking steps that are important to them. 

For more information, visit the Get Your Greenback website. If interested in applying, please fill out the 2017 Energy Navigator Interest Form or contact Karim Beers at kwb6@cornell.edu.

Energy Navigators is a program of Get Your GreenBack Tompkins with the support of Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County.

Classes will be led by Energy Expert Mark Pierce, along with Get Your GreenBack coordinator Karim Beers, educators from Cooperative Extension and other community organizations.

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Ithaca College Issues Sustainability Update

Having just completed my first five months as the Director of Energy Management and Sustainability at Ithaca College, I would like to share a sampling of the items we have addressed as well as those we are working to advance:

2 MW Solar Farm – We received the NYSEG site acceptance letter on Nov 16, 2016, and will soon be producing renewable energy. The solar farm will provide nearly ten percent of our power, and the production data will be publically available online.

AASHE STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) ‐ We are working to complete our 2015‐16 report, and will be one of the first ten institutions to benchmark against the recently updated and more challenging version 2.1. We expect to receive a Silver rating, and will use this updated assessment to help us further guide our efforts in being a leader in all three pillars of sustainability – social, economic, and environmental.

Sustainability Student Leaders Symposium – I was fortunate to accompany four of our Eco‐Rep student leaders to this conference earlier this year at the University of Massachusetts. We networked and enjoyed interactive presentations, case studies, workshops, and round table discussions with regional professionals and over 150 student leaders from other U.S. and Canadian higher educational institutions.

Climate Action Plan – We look forward to an engaged conversation with the campus community in order to update the report to accurately reflect our progress during the “First Five Years.” The resulting baseline will help further guide our actions during the “Next Ten Years.”

Electric Vehicle Charging Station – We are working to secure grant funding in partnership with the local community to install a two‐car charging station on campus this summer.

Eco‐Rep Program Enhancements – Josh Enderle, ’17, agreed to take on this new and exciting role, and has worked diligently in helping us hire ten student leaders this Fall. Now that this student leadership team is beginning to take shape, we are excited about the potential for increased programming awareness and effectiveness during the Spring semester.

REMP Intern – Zack Luckin, ’17, agreed to take on this role, and has worked strategically in assisting us with updating our AASHE STARS report. We look forward to his continued engaged and thoughtful approach during the Spring semester as he provides support in seeking exciting opportunities to partner with the campus community.

Bicycle Rack Installations – We are working to install new bicycle racks at Williams Hall and other locations to be determined soon. We expect to have these in place during the coming Spring semester. 

Energy Supply Contracts – In partnership with our colleagues from Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, we renegotiated our natural gas and electricity supply contracts. For the next four years we will realize significant cost savings with our unit rates. Your individual choices and actions will greatly assist us as we continue to improve our overall energy efficiency.

--Greg Lischke, P.E., Director of Energy Management and Sustainability, Ithaca College

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