to the Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund, launched in early 2010 by TCCPI coalition member Sustainable Finger Lakes, works to promote energy efficiency projects in the Finger Lakes area while strengthening the regional economy and assisting local families in need.

Carbon offset donations are used for grants to fund energy efficiency projects that would not otherwise be possible in low to moderate income households in the Finger Lakes region. These grants help pay for insulation, air sealing, energy efficient heating equipment, and other upgrades to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

A carbon offset is a financial instrument designed to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by investing in projects like tree planting or alternative energy research. According to Gay Nicholson, president and CEO of Sustainable Tompkins, the average American emits 24 tons of carbon dioxide into the environment every year. A $25 offset contribution would mitigate 1.25 tons of carbon emissions from 7,066 air miles or 3,275 car miles.

Next time you take a trip, either by car or plane, be sure to purchase offsets using the simple and easy tool provided here. You can even offset your home energy use. By doing so you will not only be helping to protect the climate but also investing in local energy efficiency initiatives.

Here is a video explaining how to apply for a Climate Fund grant.

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Finger Lakes Climate Fund