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Jane's Story

“The day the workmen arrived was the happiest day of my life!” Jane and Hank have lived in their older home for seventeen years and watched it deteriorate faster than they could keep up with repairs. Here’s their story as told by Jane: “Our house looked really bad. It was very stressful to see things crumbling and we put up with lots of little annoyances. I was amazed at how fast and efficient the contractors were. We saw them replace 15 windows in a day!” INHS was able to provide a combination of loan and grant to do extensive work in addition to window replacement: repairs to siding, mending roof, replacing stairs and handrails, adding heat to the upstairs, and rebuilding the front porch which was “rotten and wrapped in plastic.”

What drew them to seek INHS’ help? “I saw an article about how INHS helps people throughout the county and realized, ‘Hey it’s not just for the city.’ ” And the end-product? “It feels like a new home. We’re really happy!”

Wendy's Story

This cold winter was the year, if ever there was one, for making home energy improvements. For Wendy the decision was a necessity - fuel costs were up and her furnace was old and inefficient. She knew she had to do something, but what?

After attending a renewable energy conference and talking to other homeowners who had used new technologies, she began leaning toward a geothermal system. According to Wendy “I wanted to do something that would make a long-term difference,” not just for herself but for the environment too.

Fortunately, at about that same time she found out about INHS’ NYSERDA Energy Smart program. “I wasn’t aware that they worked outside the City of Ithaca, that they could help me.”

A geothermal system seemed like a bold move but “everyone at INHS made me confident with this whole process. It was my money and my decision.” While the system seemed expensive, she considered the payback to be worth it. Her new heating system is so easy to maintain. “I was never warm before. Now I come home to a warm house. For me it’s not so much about saving money, it’s about having a comfortable life. I’m really thankful that I found INHS.”


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