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Ithaca Green Building Policy Update

Since the City of Ithaca and the Town of Ithaca adopted the final Green Building Policy report in May 2018, we have been preparing for, and are now implementing, Phase 2: drafting legislation based on the policy recommendations contained in the GBP report.  

Work carried out since the adoption of the report includes the following:

  • Convened and met with City of Ithaca/Town of Ithaca working group
  • Composed of Planning staff, Code/Building staff and elected officials
  • Discussed open issues
  • Planned for GBP Phase Two
  • Defined scope of work and process
    • Set budget and acquired additional funding
    • Contracted with consultant team (STREAM Collaborative and Taitem Engineering)
  • Performed outreach and education
    • Presented at conferences and webinars
  • Performed additional research on elements of the proposed GBP
  • Participated in a collaborative led by Rocky Mountain Institute on net zero energy policies
  • Performed grant management activities

Next steps include:

  • Continue regular meetings with consultants and the Working Group
  • Develop details related to remaining issues:
  • Off‐site renewable energy systems
  • District energy systems
  • Combined heat & power systems
  • Potential support and incentives and other topics
  • Develop “plain English” draft of the GBP legislation and bring to Town/City governing bodies
  • Target date: early summer
  • Perform stakeholder outreach
  • Develop final legislation and present to Town Board and City Council to consider adoption

We hope to have final adopted legislation in place later in 2019.

 - Nick Goldsmith, Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Ithaca and Town of Ithaca


Be sure to visit the website for TCCPI's latest project, the Ithaca 2030 District, an interdisciplinary public-private collaboration working to create a groundbreaking high-performance building district in Downtown Ithaca.

News and Events

Drawdown: Reversing Global Warming

Do you feel hopeless about the magnitude of global climate change? Do you question whether you—or any one person—can do anything about it?

Drawdown: Reversing Global Warming is a series of workshops that supports you in finding your unique contribution to reversing global warming. Come to this workshop series to learn about the possibilities for reversing global warming based on the research of Project Drawdown. The workshops will focus on creating community around projects and mobilizing action.

Project Drawdown gathers a coalition of researchers, scientists, policy makers, business leaders, and activists worldwide to assemble and present the best available information on climate solutions. Led by author, environmentalist, and entrepreneur Paul Hawken, this coalition identified and modeled the 100 most substantive, already-existing solutions for addressing global warming. They published their findings in 2017 in the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.

This workshop series is hosted by the Paleontological Research Institution and led by Nancy Kasper from the Rochester Pachamama Alliance Community.

When: Monday, May 6, May 13 & June 10, 2019, 6:30 pm to 9 pm

Where: Museum of the Earth, 1259 Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca

Who: Open to the Public, Free

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Friday, May 31, 2019
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