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Ithaca Green New Deal Kicks Off "1000 Conversations About Our Future"

City of Ithaca Sustainability Director Luis Aguirre-Torres has launched a new initiative, 1000 Conversations About Our Future, to provide a vehicle for the community to engage in discussions about the Ithaca Green New Deal and the climate crisis.

The idea is to hold these conversations, both formal and informal, over the next year to develop a collective view of our future. As the announcement of the new initiative put it, the goal is “to see the world through each other’s eyes so we can understand what matters to each one of us, and through that, what matters most to our entire community.”

People are encouraged to organize an event or just have a conversation with friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues about what the future, community, and a sustainable climate means to them.

Anne Rhodes, who is working with Aguirre-Torres to organize the effort, said at the August TCCPI meeting that people should record their conversations and upload them to the 1000 Conversations website, www.1000conversations.org, so that we can all see what everybody is saying.

“We all need to have a common understanding of the threat we’re facing and the opportunity we have for transformation, to build a new world in which we can thrive,” Rhodes said. She noted that the conversations will be curated, and the contents summarized to share with local, county, and state decisionmakers.

For more information about how to participate, go to www.1000conversations.org/how-to-participate. TCCPI will be facilitating small group conversations on Zoom at its monthly meeting on September 24 to contribute to the effort.

The Ithaca 2030 District

Visit the website for TCCPI's latest project, the Ithaca 2030 District, an interdisciplinary public-private collaboration working to create a groundbreaking high-performance building district in Downtown Ithaca.


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News and Events

Water Science Education for Kids

The Community Science Institute (CSI) is excited to host three more fun, water science education events for kids in September as part of our 4-H2O Youth Education Program.

To register, please visit our 4-H2O Youth Education page on our website, or email adrianna@communityscience.org.

The Amazing Cyanobacteria of Cayuga Lake!
Date: September 4 - Time: 1-3 pm
Location: Stewart Park (near the pavilions and floating dock)
Join us at a field research lab set up by the lake to learn about the amazing microscopic world of phytoplankton and cyanobacteria that can be found in Cayuga Lake and how these small organisms can sometimes cause big problems when they form a harmful algal bloom (HAB)!

Water Quality Cruise on Cayuga Lake
Date: September 12, 1-4 pm
Location: Cruises depart from the Allen H. Treman Marina. Registration is required.
Join us for a free three-hour cruise aboard the MV Teal of Discover Cayuga Lake to help us collect valuable water quality data for Cayuga Lake! During the cruise we will visit seven lake locations and collect water samples with opportunities for kids to use water sampling equipment, analyze some samples with field kits, and look at lake plankton under a microscope. Along the way, we'll explore some of the lake's natural history and you'll contribute to CSI's long-term Cayuga Lake water quality dataset!

Stream Biomonitoring Fun!
Date: September 25, 1-2 pm
Location: Buttermilk Falls State Park (Lower Entrance)
Who lives under the rocks in streams and what can these organisms tell us about water quality? Join the Community Science Institute (CSI) for an evening or afternoon at one of our scenic local State Parks as we explore the aquatic life that can be found in the creek and collect a sample of organisms that will be used to evaluate water quality and ecosystem health. This event is meant for the whole family and is interactive. Those interested in following the scientific protocols for collecting an official sample (that will be analyzed and the results of which will be included in CSI’s long-term datasets of water quality) can help collect the sample and complete a physical survey of the stream. Bring a picnic lunch along, if you’d like!

Next TCCPI Meeting

Friday, September 24, 2021
9:00 - 11:00 am
Due to the current pandemic, the monthly TCCPI meetings have moved online. Contact Peter Bardaglio, the TCCPI coordinator, for further details at pbardaglio@gmail.com.

If you have any issues you would like to bring to the TCCPI monthly meetings, please e-mail us at info@tccpi.org. General meetings are on the last Friday of every month, except for November and December. Because of the holidays, the November-December meeting is held on the second Friday of December.