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Transportation for Sustainability: Move People, Not Cars

Way2Go, a program of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County, has a mission to provide information and education that connects people with transportation options and facilitates new community transportation solutions.

Way2Go partners on numerous transportation projects providing education and outreach on mobility challenges and solutions in Tompkins County and beyond. We also share information in person and online through the Way2Go website, which houses an online directory of every transportation service in Tompkins County for local and regional travel, how-to videos, tips and tools, and ways to get involved in community initiatives.

Way2Go’s work is just one component of community-wide efforts involving transportation providers and organizations that we partner, collaborate and innovate with to make transportation both more accessible and more sustainable.

Moving toward a more sustainable transportation system is critical. In 2017, transportation claimed the top spot as the largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions in the country and in New York state. According to the Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan, 61% of Tompkins County’s workforce drives alone to work.

Ithaca’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality city-wide by 2030 through the city’s Green New Deal will necessarily involve solutions that involve transportation. However, in our rural county, residents often have no other option than to drive alone due to areas that are essentially transportation deserts.

Lack of access to transportation or reliable transportation in these same areas can stand in the way of residents accessing basic services, finding and keeping a job, as well as getting to the doctor, the grocery store or to our children’s school. Sustainability efforts like the Green New Deal seek to address economic inequality and racial injustice along with climate change.

TCAT, the Tompkins County transit provider, in collaboration with Gadabout, Way2Go and HyperCommute, is piloting TconnecT, a new mobility service that will be launched in the Dryden community in the spring of 2020. TconnecT will allow users to schedule a trip via app on a Gadabout minibus that will take them from their rural residence to an existing TCAT bus stop, increasing access to TCAT’s fixed route system and reducing the need to drive alone.

Nine organizations in Tompkins County have volunteer drivers who help people get to medical appointments, the food bank, visits with family, events and meetings at their child’s school. Way2Go is partnering with these organizations to support them, bring them together to learn from each other and spearhead a coordinated effort to recruit additional volunteer drivers so that people who need a ride can get one.
The leadership in Tompkins County’s transportation sector is working to provide a sustainable and equitable transportation system. This collaborative environment is helping to advance the initiatives above, and others, that will serve to benefit the community in the long run.

 - Dawn Montayne, Tompkins Weekly, 11/27/19

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