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The Solar Tompkins 2014 program enjoyed tremendous success as a limited-time opportunity intended to jump-start the market for residential solar; the program exceeded its goal of doubling the amount of residential solar in Tompkins County. Over 1,310 families enrolled in the program and over 400 families decided to move forward with solar (totaling over 3 MW). Besides its environmental impact in terms of reducing greenhouse gase emissions, the program helped to create many good paying jobs because of the rapid expansion of the market in the County.

The Solar Tompkins program has ended, but if you are interested in solar and did not hear about the program in time, you can still take advantage of the program's benefits. The Solar Tompkins program has helped bring down the costs of going solar, has simplified the process, and has taken solar mainstream. The benefits the Solar Tompkins program has brought are here to stay.

All of the companies that were Installer Partners for the program are continuing to offer the same or very similar 30% below market pricing, quality products, streamlined process, and great incentive. As with the formal Solar Tompkins program, solar can provide up to 100 percent of your home electricity and the incentives for going solar typically cover up to 60-70 percent of a system's cost. For many families with good solar sites this can often mean there is no upfront cost required and a monthly cost roughly similar to what they are currently paying the electric utility.

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