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Go Ithaca Launches New Program for Teens
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​​​​​​​    Next TCCPI Meeting

Friday, October 30, 2020

9:00 - 11:00 am

Due to the current pandemic, the monthly TCCPI meetings have moved online. Contact Peter Bardaglio, the TCCPI coordinator, for further details at pbardaglio@gmail.com.

Featured Website for October & November: ​​Changing Climate: Our Future, Our Choice

Heat pumps for home heating and cooling and hot water are becoming increasingly affordable and can make a significant dent in the size of your residential carbon footprint. HeatSmart Tompkins is sponsoring a series of virtual home tours and webinars to help inform the public and encourage adoption of this technology.


This summer, Go Ithaca launched a Sustainable Transportation Leaders program, a six-week-long youth engagement program aimed at educating Tompkins County’s high school students about sustainable travel and how they can travel more efficiently. Read more...​​​

309 North Aurora Street | Ithaca, NY 14850 | 607-229-6183 | info@tccpi.org

HeatSmart Tompkins Fall Events, Oct. 20-Nov. 10
The Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative (TCCPI) ​​​​​is an award-winning climate action and clean energy coalition in the Ithaca, NY area made up of community leaders from the education, business, local government, nonprofit, and youth sectors.